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Transitflash Tours has organized a trip in Akagara National Park ,Don’t Miss

Written on 2018-03-07 07:23:12 By Joel

TRANSITFLASH TOURS LIMITED, a company which hires cars for either a short time or a long time,it has different cars for the wedding ,tourism, self driving and transportation of goods .

This company has organized a trip at AKAGERA NATIONAL PARK which will take place on sunday 25/03/ 2018, the departure time will be : 5:00am and return time will be 6:00p.m. The trip fee will be twenty five thousand Rwanda francs (25000frw) to Rwandans, EAC will pay 35000FRW and foreigners will pay 100 UsD , this amount of money includes:

*transport fee
*entry fee
*tour guide fee

The company`s office located at Remera-Giporoso (Kigali-Rwanda), the building called Jesus is able house opposite bank populaire. The registration is now in progress, for more information contact us on,+250788607405,+250788590305. Thank for your co-operation.

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