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Kicukiro: AEE have organized a crusade with a term untitled “ Live well, Keep good relationship with others and be respectful to God”

Written on 2017-06-30 05:20:00 By Joel

The African evangelical organization AEE (African Evangelist Enterprise) have organized a crusade with a term untitled “ Live well, Keep good relationship with others and be respectful to God”. About Six thousands have repented and received the God’s salivation.

In Kicukiro district there was held during the last week various crusades organized by The AEE (African Evangelist Enterprise) in collaboration with all churches ecumenism in this district of Kicukiro where the general mission of these crusades was to preach to the people the gospel of God, to fight against drugs and to encourage the youth the to live the culture of Unity and Peace.

These crusades started from June 16th to June 24th, 2017 took place in almost all Sectors of Kicukiro district. As the results, by the end of these crusades, among thousands and thousands of people who have attended, about six thousand repented and agreed to be converted and to receive the God’s salvation, most of whom were youth who were before taking drugs, prostitutes and many others were students from high schools and universities and else where.

Since the AEE have the mission to preach the gospel by both Proclamation (Oral preaching) and by Demonstration, they have also had the charity work where the paid for the health insurance for all three hundred poor and needy families in Gatenga Sector in Kicukiro District.

All these crusades were closed on the June 24th, 2017 with an outstanding crusade organized by young children from all churches in Kicukiro district. This amazing crusade was initiated by the so called Walk for Unity and Peace by these children and their leaders, the walk departed from Gikondo Merez II to Mburabuturo play ground where the main events took place. On this closing day, young children have also shown various games according to the lecturer and the gospel intended to be delivered as it was all prepared by their leaders.

Pastor Mukiza Joas, the leader of churches ecumenism in Kicukiro district thanked the AEE for they have organized such important crusades especially in Kicukiro district this year. He said “Normally the main role of religions and churches is to preach the gospel of God that is why we decided to work with AEE, We are very thankful to God for a big number of people converted and received the God’s salvation during this period of one week only”.

Mr. Evangelist Mabasi Albert he is in charge of evangelism in the AEE has said that they organized this crusades they called “ KICUKIRO MISSION FOR JESUS” with the mission to preach the Gospel of God with the term “Live well, Keep good relationship with others and be respectful to God” In his words he said “The general mission of the AEE is not only to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people so that they can be converted to their personal faith in Christ but also we teach people how to live well”. He added “ These crusades were organized and took place in 8 out of 9 sectors of Kicukiro district, they took place in various places as we wanted to preach to as many people as possible since that is how well the good evangelism works. We are thankful to God for all six thousand people have repented and converted to their personal faith in Christ and have received the God’s salvation”.

Among other words spoken, Mr. Evangelist Mabasi Albert said that also they organized a special crusade for young children in order to encourage them to be royal to God, to love each other and to live the culture of Unity and peace.

AEE is an African evangelical organization started working in Rwanda since 1984, they are aimed at doing evangelism, promoting social lives and development.

Whritten by Cleophas Ahishakiye

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