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Bugesera: Pastor Emma Ntambara a good Samaritan for downhearted Rwandans chased from Tanzania.

Written on 2016-08-02 03:31:34 By Joel

In Three days Pastor Emma Ntambara the head of Christ Foundation church carried out a crusade of wonders and deliverance in Bugesera and at the end he visited eight miserable families of Rwandans chased from Tanzania where he helped them with foods and clothes. Due to the happiness, they have called him a Good Samaritan.

It is has become habitual that Pastor Emma Ntambara organizes great crusades in different districts in Rwanda and each year he selects one district in which to carry out his activities, that is why from 28 to 31 July 2016 he is in Bugesera District in Nyamata City in a football stadium where big number of people were gathered waiting for receiving blessings and wonders from God.

Great wonders occurred in this crusade where some illnesses escaped people’s bodies and about 1500 people received Jesus as their King and Savior and decided to join different churches that are located in Bugesera District and follow teachings to lead them to baptism and to produce fruits that deserve repented people.

Saturday morning 30 July, when the crusade was about to close, Pastor Emma Ntambara Joined Umuganda together with people in Nyamata district,Kanazi cell, where located the village with houses of people From Tanzania and gave them foods including cassava floor, oil for cooking, soaps, dishes and different clothes for women and men all together valued 800000 thousands Rwandan Francs.

In this Action, Mr. Fred, Executive of Nyamata Sector was sent by the District where in his speech said that he thanks a lot the servant of God Pastor Emma Ntambara because he thought of Bugesera District and chose it as a place in which to carry the crusade about teaching citizens to leave sins and follow their leaders and become perfect in all.

The leader said that truly we know how churches take part in good governance of the country and help us to control people where they fear to commit sins due to the teachings they got from pastors in their churches, so that’s meaningful to organize a great crusade like this that gather all people from the district and receive the preaching that guide them for long time. That seems important to the district.

On the side of Rwandans chased from Tanzania, while talking to the media after receiving clothes and food, they said that they were extremely happy, we thank god because some of us are starving. We also thank God to bring us the servant of God pastor Emma Ntambara, we attended the crusade and exit satisfied both spiritually and he satisfy us with food while we were In dilemma asking ourselves where to get food. Truly he is a Samaritan for us. he resembles that Samaritan who felt pity to the one who was abandoned and cue him them hurts and we beg others especially the servants of God and leaders of churches that they must preach the gospel together with remembering miserable people like us.

On the side of Pastor Emma Ntambara, he said that he is thankful to God who was together with him and deliver his people and take them from their illnesses and occur the big number of people who received Jesus as their king and savior as the main purpose of preaching the gospel. He also added that the action of helping people chased from Tanzania is also another kind of preaching because poor people are there as blessings for good givers to mean that starving people should be blessings to the other people from all corners. Who helps poor, credits to God.

In Bugesera,the crusade of wonders and deliverance by pastor Emma Ntambata started from Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 July 2016.

Written by UTETANASE Eulade

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