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Software has become a strategic societal resource in the last few decades.

Written on 2016-07-04 07:25:23 By Billy

The “global village”, a metaphor used to describe how the Internet has shortened distances and facilitated the flow of information, has grown to over one billion users
Today, as technology advances internet different institutions are interested in technology where internet is the most tools to be used by Public institutions
I have taken an initiative to provide public facility to citizens by cre

ating a one stop complaints management system for the common man with the technical support of the Information and Technology Department. Complaints management system has been developed for registration and tracking of complaints of Rwandan Citizen to local leaders"

After the conducted a survey to determine what were the most pressing problems confronting the citizens of Rwanda in their interactions with the local government leaders. People responded by stating that a persistent problem with the administration was its inability to manage the complaints lodged by the citizens, and responding to these in time.

Complaints were often lost among the multitudes of files and/or they would not be forwarded to the concerned authorities within the time period.

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