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Gasabo: in partnership with Korean, World Mission Flontiers in Rwanda has closed ICT trainings that have been given to students.

Written on 2016-07-29 10:52:00 By Joel

World Mission Frontals is a Christian organization that carries its activities in Rwanda in Gasabo district, kinyinya sector. Among activities carried out, it provide education for Rwandan children and Christian education based on gospel. In parternership with Korean people from Silicon valley industry through “2016 IT Summer Camp -Rwanda” they have given certificates to 35 students who were being trained in ICT.

In Gasabo District,Kinyinya Sector where located the headquarter, there is also a school called “World Mission Secondary School” where 30 students and their five teachers with the help of Korean people were trained in two weeks about controlling different things in the same time.(Robot control and about Scratch based coding.

This Thursday 28 July 2016, when students were closing the trainings, they have been launching publically the different skills gained from the workshop and after they received their certificates. Three first groups were thanked particularly in closing ceremonies attended by Raymond Chretien vice-mayor of Gasabo and Madam Kagire Doreen the head of World Mission Frontals in Rwanda and Pastor Hatangimana Samwel the head teacher of the school where the trainings took place.

Trained students were in pairs, the total number of pairs was 14.that’s was what has been focused on while selecting the three first groups. Among the rewards given to students, there was Flash Disks with 16 GBT and Tablet to help them to use internet and other ICT tools to help the school including projector, laptop, web servers, robot kits and others.

The theme of the trainings was “DREAMERS CONNECT TO THE WORLD”. Students were trained about the use of technology in directing Robot using C, C++ Programming, algorithm that they study in their classes and a new technology in Africa Called Python.

Because this school is based on Christian values, the students were trained about Scratch program that help them to use drawings based on gospels as they have watched a story in drawings about Joseph’s dream with his brothers who felt envy to him and sold him in Egypt and later he became a great man.

Gasabo’s Vice-Mayor in his speech, he thanked a lot Korean for their support to Rwanda that meets the Government policies of using technology particularly in youth. He said “truly among privates organizations that we have in Gasabo, World Mission Frontier-Rwanda,the one with Mission Secondary School(WMSS), has an importance as we see how it started and how it is growing up by widening its activities in Rwanda that are important for Rwandan society. Due to this, whatever help they will need they will get it.

World Mission Frontier is a Christian organisation with a head quarter in Gasabo district in Kinyinya sector and it is about to have 22 years working here in Rwanda. It has built secondary schools like World Mission Secondary School Kinyinya, and theology schools with Bachelors and Masters degree in Kigali Gasabo district, in western province, Nyamasheke Distrit and in Eastern province, Kayonza district where there is another school for sewing for those who didn’t finished their schools.

Each year, vulnerable students who perform well are selected to help them going on with their studies in universities here in Rwanda and even outside. this is done always even today two students have been allowed to go on with their studies in the university that they will choose here in Rwanda and World Mission Frontier will pay school fees for them .

Written by UTETANASE Eulade.

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