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Now Kabgayi Diocese discards genocide priests

Written on 2016-07-14 08:53:56 By

Kabgayi diocese has revised the invitation cards of celebrating the silver jubilee originally for seven priests of whom two; named Ndagijimana and Rukundo Emmanuel, are convicted of genocide crimes.

The jubilee will take place on July 16th, 2016.

The revision follows contested invitations which angered Rwandans and such institutions as IBUKA, the umbrella of genocide survivors, which described the act of celebrating silver jubilee of convicted priests as trivializing genocide and hurting genocide survivors.

IBUKA rejected the circulated invitation requesting to remove genocide convicted priests from the list.

Rukundo Emmanuel, a former Kabgayi priest, was in 2009 convicted of genocide crimes by Arusha International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and sentenced for 23 years.

Raping Tutsi women, conspiracy with Interahamwe to kill Tutsi and getting his fellow priest Mbuguje Alphonse killed are some of the crimes he’s convicted of.

Another Kabgayi priest, Joseph Ndagijimana who was the chief priest of Byimana parish in 1994 was in 2008 convicted of genocide crimes by Byimana Gacaca court and is jailed in Mpanga prison.

Under the revised invitation, Kabgayi diocese explained that priests Emmanuel Rukundo and Joseph Ndagijimana were ordained priests in 1991 which means they will be celebrating 25 years as ordained priests but cannot attend the ceremony.

Priests to be celebrated on the list are Lukanga Kalema Charles, Rukanika Rutaremara Aimé, Gatete Théotime, Uwigaba Jean Baptiste and Kiwanuka Elias.

Kabgayi diocese says it will honor its deceased priests including Mbuguje Alphonse and Habiyakare Sylioni during the silver jubilee celebration.

It has also revealed a plan to apologize on behalf of priests who misused their sacerdotal grace.

Four individuals will be ordained deacons during the silver jubilee.

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The bishop of Kabgayi diocese,Mbonyintege Smaragde

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