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To solve those problems; I took a task to design and develop a web based application

Written on 2016-07-04 07:59:08 By Billy

as Computers, computer accessories and services such as Computer maintenance, networking, Web design, application Systems design, Statistical data entry, analysis and interpretation, Training in computer maintenance (Hardware & software), IT Consultancy, Trainings in application softwares in (Construction, Accountancy, Statistics, sounds, images & video editing)etc. but still facing the following problems:

 Information does not arrive to all people who can be interested by Company’s services hence the number of customers is limited;
 Customers spend more money searching and viewing product while they can only view on the website to make orders;
 Management of customers is not easy because there is no way to store information about customers;
 Management of employees is not also easy to the company owner
 Doing an on ground business only this makes FORMATECH’s market being limited hence the less competition towards the market.
To solve those problems; I took a task to design and develop a web based application to help the Company to manage its customers, their orders as well as employees and communicate with them concerning the customer given services. It will also help customers to communicate easily with the company and check all needed services online and will also help the company to manage and computerize the system which was not already done.

In order to improve the modern way of online management of orders even stock and information sharing through the internet, the project focuses on the following objectives:
 Online advertisement of FORMATECH Technology s.a.r.l;
 To implement an online management system of customers of the company;
 To help customer to get a wished services by using internet technology;
 To put in contact Company’s customers and employees using lowest cost;
 Computerize the report work of the company’s communications;
 Localization of all customers of the company in order to plan efficient services for them;
 to increase the number of customers and proceed to business competition

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